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Kyn / Fæðingarár
Kvenkyns / 1981

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UndirskráSpurningaskrár - Svör

Kafli 1 af 6 - Description of diet

Describe your diet in your everyday life. Do you define your diet in a certain way? If so, what does that definition entail?

I am not a vegan, but I do try to eat mainly plant-based foods. I also try very hard to avoid food waste by using up everything I buy.

For how long have you adhered to this diet?

I have been cutting down on meat and dairy products for about three years.

Kafli 2 af 6 - Reasons and experience

What made you change your diet? What are the main reasons behind the decision and why do you stick with it?

I want to reduce my impact on climate change. I am also against animal cruelty/ factory farms.

Where did you first hear about this diet? How did the change occur? Suddenly or gradually?

I have seen some documentaries like Cowspiracy that influenced my thinking about my diet. I have been changing slowly.

Has your approach or perspective changed in any way since you started this diet? Can you give an example?

Yes, I used to be more concerned with calories/ perceived healthiness of foods, but now I am more concerned with climate impact, reducing waste, and also just feeling good.

Have you experienced any changes in yourself following a changed diet? For example changes in how you feel (physically or mentally), your sense of taste, your behaviour, interests, or social life? If yes, please describe the changes or give examples.

I feel better both physically and mentally when I avoid meat and dairy. I haven't lost weight, but I feel more calm and less guilty.

Kafli 3 af 6 - Your diet in everyday life

Where do you usually shop for groceries? What determines what goes into your shopping basket? (Does f. ex. pricing matter? The origin of the product? How about marketing and advertisement? The information on the labels and packaging? The layout of the store?)

I shop at Bonus and Kronan, and price affects my decisions of course. Food is really expensive in this country. I look for 'siðasti sens' at Kronan, and sometimes go to the store at about 14:00 because I know that's when they put out the siðasti sens fruit and veg.
Meat is very expensive, and that is good because it's easier to avoid.

Where you live, how is the access to the food or raw materials you need to be able to follow your diet?

The supermarkets where I live have everything I need.

How much interest do you have in food and cooking in general? Is food an important aspect of your life? How much time do you devote to thinking about, making and consuming food? Do you enjoy trying out new recipes, or even coming up with your own?

I am very interested in food and cooking. I like to eat, and I am also managing my family's diet, and a significant part of our finances, by doing the food shopping. I love trying new foods and recipes. I love experimenting with spices and cooking methods.

What characterises good food? (For ex. regarding taste, smell, texture, appearance, or other qualities?)

Good food makes you feel good. Good physically like you're not hungry anymore and not craving anything, just satisfied. Good food is also sometimes something just really tasty.

What characterises quality food when it comes to your specific diet? Does it matter for instance if the food is fresh or processed or contains additives?

Same answer as above- good food makes you feel good after you've eaten it.

Is there anything you especially miss from your previous diet? Why?

I miss fancy cheese, because it tastes good.

How often do you cook at home? What needs to be in place in the kitchen for you to be able to follow your diet? (Any specific tools or equipment, a certain amount of space or anything else?)

I cook at home 6 nights a week. I also usually meal-prep my breakfast and lunch for work a week in advance.
The freezer is essential for me. It saves loads of money and time (and food waste) to freeze chopped fruit and veg, soups, baked goods, etc.

How often do you eat out? Where do you prefer to go? Is it easy or difficult to order food that matches your diet in restaurants?

I eat out very rarely.

What are the main obstacles you have met in your daily life when it comes to following your diet? What would make it even easier for you to follow your current diet?

Eating mostly plant-based and avoiding food waste is a lot of work. I wish fruit and veg was cheaper.

Kafli 4 af 6 - Home/family, traditions, and gendered perspectives

Describe your household conditions (How many live in your home? Are there children in the home? etc.). Does everyone follow the same diet as you do? If not, how does that affect your eating habits?

I have 3 children- 2 young ones and a teenager, and they are the main reason I am not vegan. They do eat vegan stuff all the time, but I still buy milk, butter, eggs, chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, etc because they eat them.

Do you experience support or criticism from your family, friends, or colleagues/school mates? Does that make a difference for you? Can you give us an example?

No, people are supportive

Do food traditions matter to you, f. ex. during celebrations? Have you had to adapt food traditions to your diet? How so?

Yes, food traditions matter to me, and I usually eat traditional foods during holidays

How about dinner parties and gatherings where food is offered? Do you make special arrangements regarding those? What kind of attitudes have you experienced from the hosts or other guests? Please tell us about real-life examples if you have any.

I try to have non-dairy milk available when guests come over, to put in their coffee. I always have vegan snacks on hand.

Have you noticed any specific attitudes or anything else regarding your diet based on your gender? If so, please describe an example.


Kafli 5 af 6 - Information, education, sustainability and health

Where do you mainly look for information, knowledge, recipes, or inspiration for your diet? Please put in links for any websites or social media accounts that you use (if any).

I follow instagram hashtags like #whatveganseat

Do you find it important to educate others about your diet? Why, and how do you do it? / Why not? Please describe some real-life examples.

No, I don't want to come across as preachy and I'm not a perfect example of any diet anyway

In your mind, what does sustainability in everyday life entail?

I really try to reduce waste. I try to buy only what we need.

In your mind, what does healthy eating entail? What is healthy food?

Healthy food makes you feel good.

Kafli 6 af 6 - Final remarks

Are you planning to continue to follow this diet for the foreseeable future?


Is there anything you would like to add that has not been covered so far?


What is your occupation?


What is your level of education?


Do you have any remarks or comments on this questionnaire?


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