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Spurningaskrá116a What is it like to live in student housing?

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UndirskráSpurningaskrár - Svör

Kafli 1 af 6 - The Apartment

How long have you lived in student housing?

Since August 2011, almost 8 months.

Where did you live before?

The United States

What is it like to live in student housing?

  It’s comfortable, very convenient, feels safe, and there are lots of interesting people.  

Do you spend much time in your apartment?

Yes, quite a bit. I study here and cook here most nights.

When do you like being there and when do you not?


What are the primary positive aspects of the apartment? What about negative aspects?

The room is a nice size and is furnished appropriately. I like having my own sink, mirror, and heater. The main issues are with upkeep of bathrooms and kitchens, but it’s to be expected with shared areas.

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Kafli 2 af 6 - The Home

What was the first thing you did when you moved in (e.g. clean, light candles, let in air, put up curtains)?

I opened the window, lit candles, decorated the walls and shelves with personal items.

When did the apartment turn into a "home" and which factors made it a "home"?

It became a home after decorating and unpacking everything; my personal items helped a lot.

Do you feel your home says something about you or is it in any way characteristic of you as a person? In what way?

Yes, definitely. I’m a geology student, so I have a lot of rocks around and a geological map on the wall. I keep my favorite things visible, so my personality does show in my decorating.

What do you think creates the "feeling of home" or makes an apartment "homey" (e.g. smells, sound, lighting, music)?

To me, favorite candles and music. Dim lighting makes the room more comfortable and homey.

Do you do something to create a "homey" atmosphere? What, in that case?

I light candles, listen to music with headphones, and keep the window open as often as possible.

Describe what you consider to be a perfect home.

A perfect home is where I am comfortable and safe. I prefer lots of candles, low or natural lighting, music. I keep favorite things around, which I feel generally creates a peaceful energy and makes a home feel like it really is my own.

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Kafli 3 af 6 - The Neighbours

How is the relationship with your neighbours? Do people have much/little in common (e.g. parties, babysitting, visits)?

My relationship with most is very good, and friendly at the very least. People often have parties, group dinners, visits, etc.

How is the common-area used?

Usually for studying, individual or group. Occasionally groups will organize dinners for holidays or something there.

Do the kids (if any) play together?

No kids.

What is the root of debates with neighbours (e.g. noise, misconduct, bad smell)?

Any debates are usually due to noise, as the walls and floors/ceilings are not very thick and a sounds can amplify in halls, etc. We have had issues with people neglecting to clean after themselves in kitchens and bathrooms, but those issues are usually addressed by the Resident in Charge rather than directly between residents.

Do you try to get to know your neighbours or do you keep your distance?

I generally try to get to know them. It’s nice to have friends living around, and most students in my residence are international as well, so from very different cultures.

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Kafli 4 af 6 - Photos / The Look of Things

For this part you are asked to take photos of your apartment. First an overview from each space (e.g. kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom) where you can see windows, doors, furniture and fixtures (5-10 photos). Second a more personal approach where you are asked to take pictures of objects, decorations and furniture that are important to you, as well as your favourite place in the apartment (5-10 photos). You are asked to label the photos with numbers and talk about what you chose to take a picture of and why you chose it. Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: Photo 4: Photo 5: Photo 6: Photo 7: Photo 8: Photo 9: Photo 10: Photo 11: Photo 12: Photo 13: Photo 14: Photo 15: Photo 16: Photo 17: Photo 18: Photo 19: Photo 20:

Photo 1: My room, you can see the main living space (bed, desk, shelf to left) and window. Photo 2: Sink and mirror, a good bit of shelf space for all personal items Photo 3: The shared kitchen on my floor. This is where we spend a lot of time cooking and hanging out. Photo 4: The common room. People sometimes reserve this room for small parties/dinner parties. We often study here or have study groups here, as you can pick up the University’s Wi-Fi here. Photo 5: Womens’ bathroom on my floor; it has two toilets, two showers, and two sinks. Photo 6: View of my shelves, where most of my personal items are stored in view, and wall with map and garland. Photo 7: This is a handmade calendar given to me by my sister when I was moving here. I keep it on my desk so I can see it every day. It’s one of my favorite things I have here. Photo 8: My geological map of Iceland and gold star garland. The map is special to me because I got it my first week here (also because I’m a geologist). The garland used to hang like this at home before I left, so I wanted to keep something simple like that the same. Photo 9: A collection of some of my favorite rocks collected here and two given to me at Christmas by my boyfriend. Photo 10: This is a calendar with pictures from one of my favorite natural reserves near home. Photo 11: A collection of my camping gear. Camping is one of my favorite things to do and I’m excited to travel Iceland doing it in the summer.

What do you have on the walls?

I have a map of Iceland, a garland from home, and a calendar.

Who made the curtains?
Where does the furniture come from? Is it new or second hand (e.g. from goodwill shops, relatives, bought especially for this place or did you have it before moving here)?

The furniture was all provided.

Is some of the furniture dearer to you than other furniture? Why?


What about smaller objects and decorations? Do these things remind you of something, do they come with stories? Tell us about them.

My favorite decorations are my rocks I’ve collected in Iceland. I’m a geology student, so they are all very interesting to me.  I have a couple from my boyfriend at home as well.

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Kafli 5 af 6 - Your Childhood Home

You are asked to talk about your childhood home in a few words. How many people lived there? How big was the apartment or the house? Did you often move from one place to another (were there special reasons for that)?

I had a two-story house with 5-7 people. We moved twice due to my stepdad’s work.

In what way do you look to your childhood home when creating your own? What do you try to avoid? How do you distinguish your home from the place you grew up in?

My parents decorated our house in a much more organized way than I do with my own home. But, my childhood home and my own home are both primarily designed around comfort.

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Kafli 6 af 6 - Personal information

Do you want your answers to be registrated without personal identification? If you do not state your point of view we take it as an approval. It is, however, important to get minimal information about informers who wish to be anonymous. Those who want stay unidentified are asked to give information about the following: Sex: Age: Occupation/education/studies: Family situation: Typ of apartment:

Yes, without personal identification. Sex: Female Age: 22 Occupation/education/studies: Geology student (bachelor’s) Family situation: Single Typ of apartment: Single room, shared kitchen/bathroom

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